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Sep 23 2012

Direct Instruction FTW

Teachers at New Dorp High School in Staten Island improved student achievement by explicitly teaching basic writing skills in every subject.

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When I told my family I was doing some research on using quantitative data to evaluate teachers, my father-in-law, a doctor, told the following story (I’m paraphrasing): “They use formulas in medicine, too. It’s so unfair! Medicare dinged our hospital because our 30-day readmission rate for heart attack patients was too high. We had to…

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While I was reading about VAM last week, I came across Jesse Rothstein’s harsh criticism of the MET Project’s Learning About Teaching. It was the first academic criticism I had seen of a VAM study, so I decided to dig into both the original MET report and his review. The MET Paper: Background The MET…

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Sep 14 2012

More about Value-Added Measurements

A response to Gary Rubinstein’s post on value-added. * * * Gary, I can see why you would be worried that policymakers and the media have overstated the usefulness of one-year VAM scores in teacher evaluations, but it’s still not clear to me why you don’t find the Chetty results, which suggest that accurate VAM…

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Dec 13 2011

New York Times Op-Ed Frustration

I read the New York Times a lot, and naturally I pay special attention when the Times publishes articles on education reform.  Today’s article, the op-ed “The Unaddressed Link Between Poverty and Education”, had me upset all day.  Its authors, Helen F. Ladd and Edward B. Fiske, make the argument that we should address poverty,…

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I was accepted to TFA last fall, but I’m not yet teaching. This is my first post.

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